3 Things To Help Boost Traffic From Pinterest

Queen of social media and blogging Melyssa Griffin from The Nectar Collective recently sent out this awesome email where she talked about 3 key things you can do now to grow traffic to your website via Pinterest.

So I thought I’d share my take on Melyssa’s tips as I really do believe people need to start taking the benefits of Pinterest seriously!

It is one of the fastest growing platforms with over 300,000 people currently on Pinterest in Australia and I have no doubt that within the next year the number will grow significantly.

So if you are ready to leverage your Pinterest and drive some serious traffic to your website, read on below for 3 things you can do to boost your website traffic from Pinterest:


Edit your Pinterest profile to best reflect your brand:

This is serious people! There’s no point in having 100 boards with a couple of pins in each. Narrow down your target audience’s interests and ensure these boards are done the best they can be. That means pinning high quality images with engaging captions, keywords and links which you know your consumer will just love.

It’s important to have a professional profile image, about bio and a detailed board bios as well. If your target audience is into very specific things, then don’t be afraid to create niche boards as consumers tend to engage with these niche boards the most.

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Create high quality pins:

Pinterest is visual after all that’s why it is so important to create high quality pins, as they get more repins and higher engagement.

As a general rule, your pins should be vertical and have a clear caption (on the image) that sums up what the article the image links to is about.

It’s also important to be consistent in your brand’s style and colour scheme so your images are instantly recognisable by consumers.


Now that you’d done that, put your high quality images into your top posts on your blog or business website and pin them!

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your traffic and engagement will increase, which means more people are coming to your website, buying your products or using your services.

Try these 3 steps this week and comment below and let me know how you go!

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