4 Reasons Why Your Social Media Isn’t Working

Social media is a tricky thing and unfortunately there is no magic formula, however there are a few things to avoid doing if you want to leverage your social media channels to get the best results possible for your business.

Read on below for 4 common reasons why your social media isn’t working:


You aren’t posting the right amount of times:

Determining the right amount of times to post on social media is an art, and something that for many brands and business changes over time.

However that’s why it’s important to pay attention to the right amount of posts per day or week that suit your target audience as you don’t want to get lost in the noise by posting too little, or turn people off by posting too much.

A general rule would be to post twice a day, once in the morning before work or at lunch time, and once in the later afternoon or after dinner time if your target audience is a general working professional. But again that is dependent on the habits of your consumer.

A good way to find out how often you should post is to check out your social media channel’s statistics determining their age and interests, when they are most online and aim to post once or twice a day on these key times.


You are too promotional:

This one is all too common and as a consumer yourself I’m sure it is also a pet hate! There’s nothing you like less than promotional content filling up your social media feeds – after all the main reason we go on social media is to be entertained right? Not to view unnecessary promotional material?

So stick to a general 80/20 rule – with 80% of your content general, engaging and interesting to your target audience and the other 20% promotional.

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You don’t check your statistics:

As I mentioned earlier your statistics change, and social media is alway evolving and so is your consumer, that’s why it’s vital to continue to monitor your statistics.

Hootsuite, Simply Measured, Sprout Social… the list goes on for programs you can use to check your stats as well as on the social media sites themselves.

Aim to check in at least once a month and review who your target audience is, what times they are online, which posts they engaged with the most and the least and adjust your content accordingly.


You aren’t engaging with your consumer:

Social media is about engagement. Yes it’s also about content and brand awareness, but really it’s about developing a relationship with your consumer in a real and relatable way.

Make sure you communicate with your consumer when they comment on your posts, provide real-time conversation to answer their questions and issues and expand that by sharing the love with likeminded influencers or businesses. Your consumer will love to know you are a real person behind the business and are more likely to continue to respond and engage with your content.


Although I said I’d only give you four tips…. perhaps just one more overarching tip can be added. HAVE A PLAN!

Add all these aspects into your social media plan and allocate time to continue to review and improve your social media content so you keep killing it and growing your business and brand.

Have I missed any tips? Share your thoughts with me below!

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