4 TED Talks I’m Loving Right Now

Ok i’ll admit it. I’m a little late to the TED talk train, but now that I’ve started I seriously don’t know why I waited this long.

I’ve recently started a new healthy morning routine of heading out for a walk as soon as I wake up. I was keen to start the day on a positive and inspiring note, when I decided to download a few TED talks and trust me I was not disappointed!

A few I’ve listened to only once, but most have stayed on my iPhone and have played on repeat as they really are a great way to start the day with some insightful thinking and motivational thoughts.

I’m so obsessed that I’ve started sharing these talks with some of my friends as they are just too good not to pass on to whoever I can!

If you’ve just started listening to TED talksĀ or need some new talks to add to your playlist, try my top 4 favourites right now…

My Favourite TED talks | Inspirational Talks | Rebekah Pickett | Digital Content Marketer

How to find and do work that you love:

This is my absolute favourite and who knew you could get so much out of it! I’ve been listening to this talk by Scott Dinsmore founder of Live Your Legend on repeat as it has one main and super powerful sentence – “What is the work you can’t not do?”

Watch it now:

The power of introverts:

Susan Cain shows us just how powerful introverts are and how we should strive to tailor learning so as to best support the thinking processes of introverts.

A great watch for any fellow introverts out there!

10 ways to have a better conversation:

Celeste Headlee shares the importance of listening and being in the moment as essential tools for having a better conversation. Very useful to apply to work and home life situations.

The happy secret to better work:

Psychologist Shawn Achor argues that happiness inspires productivity and that we should focus on changing our mental state and inwards thinking as opposed to relying on external circumstances and goals to make us happy. He is witty, conversational and humourous, which makes his talk all the more convincing.

Have you listened to any great TED talks lately? Please share your favourites below!

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