5 Ways To Optimise Your Pins For Business

Pinterest is one of the most effective online platforms for brands and businesses around the world, thanks to its visual and creative appeal.

It is the perfect way to engage your audience, generate clicks to your website and create a little something extra for your brand and your business. There’s no denying that Pinterest is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.

Overall a few great things about Pinterest include:

  • It personalises your brand
  • Connects with your audience
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Great for market research to see what your consumer is interested in
  • Opportunity to be an authority in your business
  • Great for SEO when used with keywords in the descriptions and boards

The trick is to ensure you are pinning content that is optimised so that you secure these amazing benefits.

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5 Ways To Optimise Your Pinterest Include:

Design Beautiful Pins

This is a must!

Whether you are repining or creating your own, make sure they are visually appealing and totally pinable! A great tip is to add engaging text your images and pin them directly from your blog or website.

Create Engaging Descriptions

Tell a story with the pins you pin. Perhaps it is extra tips, advice, styling tricks or simply a more personalised caption.

Repin High-Quality Pins

As similar to posting beautiful pins, make sure you re-pin images that are of a high quality and are visually engaging. This will help more people click on your images to post.

Add links

Link to your blog and business website for pretty much all of your pins. You can do this easily by pinning content directly from your website. It’s a really great way to drive traffic to your blog or business website!

Optimise Your Blog for Pinterest

Do you have a pin it button onto of your images to make your images easily pinnable from readers? If not it’s very easy to install with a few selected plugins.

Click here to download my favourite Pinterest plugin for WordPress!

Have I missed any great tips? Would love to hear your thoughts. Comment and let me know!

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