About Rebekah Pickett (AKA Melbourne PR Girl):

Melbourne PR Girl | Rebekah Pickett | Digital Content Markter | Social Media | The Fashion Section | Fashion Blogger

Social Media. Blogging. Small Business. Fashion. Public Relations

These are all the things Rebekah Pickett is passionate about.

Having launched her very first business The Fashion Section when she was just 19, business and fashion have always been in her blood, continuously striving to meet demand, think outside the box and create a life she loves and is passionate about.

As the founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Fashion Section, one of Australia’s leading fashion news, shopping and trend websites, Rebekah has proved her love for the digital world, working daily to produce up-to-date content, managing social media channels and developing marketing and PR content.

With a passion and love for entrepreneurship, Rebekah Pickett has worked for over three years with numerous startup clients, small businesses and established companies to write blog content and develop strategy, manage social media and create engaging online copy for a selection of key retail brands and stores. She’s worked as media at some of Australia’s key fashion weeks, events, store openings and fashion shows, creating social media and blogging content to support local designers and businesses.

Areas of speciality include: social media strategy, fashion, content and distribution, blogging and copywriting.

Check out her fashion blog:


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