The Benefits of a Lunch Power Hour

Slaving away at your desk while scoffing down your sandwich during your lunch break has become an all too familiar reality for most of us, as we tend to feel guilty about taking a few moments away from our desks to stop work and enjoy our lunch.

However taking a least half hour in the middle of the day to relax, have some lunch and recharge can actually do wonders for your work and will help you achieve more and avoid that 3:30 slump.

Need some help to inspire you to step away from your desk?

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Here are 3 things to do in your lunch power hour!

Go for a walk

It may seem like common sense, but the benefits of going outside and walking are endless. It helps to get your body moving, refreshes the mind and increases your endorphins.

Once you’ve gone for a walk, find a park or bench and sit down and take a moment to be in the present and enjoy your lunch. Just switch off and savour the moment of eating delicious and healthy food.

The change of scenery, fresh air and a new environment can help recharge your brain, and the walk back to work after you’ve eaten is vital to stop that post-lunch slump we get after eating a big meal.

Listen to something

Take your mind off the office and pop your headphones in and listen to something you enjoy. It could be your favourite music, or a stimulating podcast or TED talk.

Listening to something positive will instantly increase your mood and keep you motivated for the afternoon ahead.

Write down your goals

Now that you’ve had a moment to recharge, eat something healthy, go for a walk and listen to something you enjoy, it’s time to bring your mind back to work and set some goals.

Start first by thinking (or writing down) something you’re going to do today or this week for yourself. Perhaps it’s a new type of exercise, or an overdue catch up with a friend, or maybe it’s something more career related like taking a short course or teaching yourself a new skill.

Then write down a list of what you want to achieve in the afternoon allocating a rough amount of time for each task, this will help you stay focused while you finish off the day.

Join me by having a power lunch hour everyday this week and I’m sure you’ll see and feel the difference!

Do you have any great things you like to do during your lunch break to recharge for the afternoon? Share them with me below.

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