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Currently there are over 2,791,300 active Australian users who use Twitter for both business and personal use, making it a vital and powerful part of our lives.

Twitter is one of the top ways to search for trending topics, connect and engage with likeminded people as well as to share images and links. It also creates a chance for people to have their say on everyday topics, issues and events and develop a two-way relationship with brands, celebrities, friends and more.

It’s a fast moving platform that allows you to connect directly to your consumer or people of interests and to share your brand or businesses message and updates in a friendly and easy-to-read way.

With just 140 characters to work with, Twitter is great for continued conversation, with many accounts tweeting up to 20 times a day! The main thing to remember when using Twitter is to aim to engage not to advertise or continuously promote.

However, finding what to tweet can sometimes be a difficult task – especially when you have the opportunity to continue to keep sending your message out there.

If you need a few tips on what you could add to this week’s Twitter social media schedule read on below:

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Content Ideas for Twitter:

  • Ask questions
  • Show behind the scenes
  • Live tweet events
  • Show off your knowledge
  • Re-tweet content from other likeminded businesses or persons
  • Share news
  • Post photos
  • Link to your website or blog
  • Share tips and tricks for your industry or business
  • Share a few personal everyday updates
  • Add a Twitter only discount code
  • Re-tweet and keep re-tweeting!

Not sure if you should be on Twitter? Here’s a few stats that may convince you…

  • 50% of users say that they are more likely to buy from a brand after they follow them on Twitter
  • Having a social media button next to your product can (in some cases) positively affect buying decisions
  • Twitter has been shown to increase sales by bringing in more traffic to your site
  • Customers who are engaged in social media are more likely to buy and recommend
  • Twitter shoppers spent more money than Google shoppers this past holiday season
  • 60% of people say they are more likely to recommend the company after following them on Twitter

(stats from Kissmetrics)

Do you have any great tips or content ideas for using Twitter? Share them in the comments below.

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