A Day In The Life of A Fashion Blogger

As an editor and owner of a fashion blog, one of the best things about being a fashion blogger that is everyday changes. From fashion week in Sydney to store openings and early morning starts on fast news days, editing for The Fashion Section is an exciting and fast-moving gig. But it’s not all glitz and glam. From hourly social media updates, to website maintenance and writing and editing content, each day is as different from the next.

The day usually begins by going through emails and sorting through promotional brand content from PR firms and checking google alerts for the latest fashion news. Then as any writer does, it’s all about research. I follow up press releases or news stories with further googling (what would we do without it!) to clarify and confirm content and to establish the best understanding of the latest news as possible. Searching, saving and organising images usually comes next. Once I’ve got each part of the piece together then it’s time to start to write the content. My morning is typically consumed with writing content, however if I have a busy day planned, I write the drafts the night before and spend time editing and uploading in the morning.

After that (and a much needed coffee break), I check emails, respond and start making a plans for tomorrows editorial content. All while doing this I keep on the look-out for breaking news to report as soon as possible and share the latest blog posts on my favourite platform Instagram, then TwitterFacebook and Pinterest. It’s all about multi-tasking! But being a blogger isn’t all just glitz and glam, behind the scenes comes plenty of long hours (with minimal remuneration), editing and making changes to the website in my spare time and plenty of admin (hello tax and invoicing..)

Apart from the usual editing and admin processes, fashion blogging is fun and for an avid fashion lover what’s better than spending your days immersed in the latest industry happenings? From attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in Sydney as media and seeing the amazing shows from designers such as Talulah, Bec & Bridge and Dion Lee to styling photoshoots and getting a sneak peak at some of the latest pieces from everyone’s favourite brands months ahead, there’s sure are some exciting things happening every day.

Are you a blogger? What’s your average day like? Like me know in the comments below!

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