Easy Tips To Help You Recharge On The Weekend

If there’s one tip I would suggest to anyone who can do it, it is to really spend some time recharging and unwinding over the weekend.

Unwinding and taking a break relaxes you both physically and mentally so you can do an even better job throughout the week.

If you are finding it hard to switch off or if you need some more tips on how to relax on the weekend…


Read my top tips for recharging on the weekend below:

Unwind from your week’s work:

If you’re anything like me, chances are your mind continues to buzz even after the work day is finished. A great way to let go of your work is to spend 10 minutes or so recapping what happened that week. Write down what you achieved, what you loved and were grateful for, as well as the challenges and things to work on.

Then write your to-do list so when Monday morning comes, you are prepared and ready to tackle your tasks at hand!


Switch off your brain:

Your brain has been go go go for the last 5 days, so it’s time to switch it off. Take a bath and drink a glass of wine, watch a trashy TV show, or pump your tunes and go for a run. Whatever it is that you like to do and that will take your mind off work do it!

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Have a tech detox:

Yes it’s possible I promise. It’s the weekend. Your emails and social media posts can wait.

Step away from your computer and leave your smart phone in a draw or in another room for at least a few hours. Spend that time doing something face-to-face with people you love and care about.


Get outside:

Nature is the best cure for just about anything, so step away from your desk and the indoors and get active! Take a walk with a friend or your family, go to a different part of your city and grab a coffee, or go shopping at an outdoor shopping strip…a breath of fresh air can do wonders for the mind and the body.


Do something for you:

Allocate a spare few minutes over the weekend to do something for you. Paint your nails, have a massage, do a DIY facial… doing┬ásomething special for yourself will certainly make a big difference on your mood.

How do you detox, relax and unwind on the weekend? Comment and share your tips below.

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