The Gratitude Project

In the craziness that is life, I believe it is oh so important to set aside time to be grateful. When life seems to not be going our way, it’s important to look within and see the beauty of life itself as a way of forming strength, happiness and power in our everyday lives.

It’s about cultivating the healing power of gratitude and saying thank you, to both the universe and the things in our lives. Most of us juggle so many things, jobs, partners, homes, children and perhaps sometimes we need a reminder to shift our focus inwards and to be truly grateful for all that’s important and all that we have.

Three strategies for introducing gratitude into your life:

  • Remember to say please, thank you and I love you: Simple and pretty much common sense, but it’s easy to get in the habit of not saying these things to people closest to us, as we may feel they already know and don’t need to hear it. But everyone needs to hear those lovely words and to be reminded of their worth and importance to you. It’s a great way to openly acknowledge the people you have in your life and how special they are to you.
  • Take a gratitude walk:  When you’re really overwhelmed or stressed, take the time to fit 20 minutes into your day and just go for a walk. Shift the focus away from yourself and look around. How lucky are you to be alive? To walk among trees and grass and fresh air, to breathe. Get back to the basics, shift your focus away from everything else and be openly grateful to just be alive in this beautiful world.
  • Write a list: Simply listing all those things you are grateful for is a good way to remind yourself how lucky you really are! The list could include people like your partner, mum, friends or your favourite TV show, having access to your laptop, swimming in the pool, having a holiday or coffee with your girlfriends.

What are you truly grateful for? Let me know in the comments below!

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