Why You Need An Elevator Pitch

Whether you’re thinking of launching a new business venture or already have one, you would know the importance of the elevator pitch – those few sentences you get to declare what it is you do, why it’s so cool and why the person should care. Using anywhere between 30-60 seconds to sell yourself, the trick is to be clear, direct, engaging and strong.

An elevator pitch typically is a:

  • Brief summary introducing who you are, your interests, skills and experiences, and states what you are seeking
  • A short ‘personal branding’ statement – the first thing somebody hears about you
  • Foundation of further conversation/relationship building

Why You Need An Elevator Pitch | Entrepreneur | Marketing | Small Business | Rebekah Pickett

Top tips:

Start off strong and be succinct:

Whether you are pitching your personal skill set to a new boss or explaining a new business to a potential investor, keep the important information in your opening line. Your opening sentence is all about your personal brand. Think of the Who, What, When, Where & Why. For a job interview explain: who you are, what your skills and experiences are and what you’re looking for. When pitching to a potential client or investor for your business, sum up what your business is, what makes it different and what you need from them.

Show passion:

There is nothing more convincing than showing you are passionate about what you are doing, offering or trying to achieve. Add words like, I am passionate about, my team and I are excited to, we have been dedicating our time to create…

Point of action:

You should end your elevator pitch with the point of action. This could be sharing when the launch date is for your business or telling your potential new boss what you can bring to the table.
Ways you can use an elevator pitch are:

  • For a job interview
  • Selling your new business to clients or investors
  • Explaining your business to your friends and family
  • LinkedIn and other social media summaries

Have you got a great elevator pitch? I would love to hear it! Feel free to post in the comments below!

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