Why Starting A Business In Your Twenties Is Great

Someone once mentioned to me that they didn’t understand why people would start businesses in their twenties (or earlier!), as they have no experience, didn’t they want to save, buy a house, earn a decent salary or simply travel the world? What did a twenty something recent graduate REALLY know about developing a business?

While experience may not be on our side a whole lot of things are, for starters:

We Have Plenty of Time, Lack of Responsibility & Abundance of Drive!

  • Being in your twenties means great things. The best of those is time and lack of responsibility (for some), but it also means fresh ideas, passion, determination and drive – all those things that make up a successful business.There is no other time in your life where you will have as little responsibilities as you do in your twenties, therefore you have the freedom and the flexibility to immerse yourself into your work and passion and ultimately create a business.

Ignorance Is Bliss:

  • Perhaps our ignorance is what makes us willing to go out and ask for what we want without knowing the consequences, have the ability to take chances and take risks?

No Perfect Time:

  • There’s never going to be the perfect time to put all those things aside and to start something from scratch. You’ll always be able to learn more, know more, experience more and earn more, but the only time you have is now and what better way to learn and to know and to experience than by actually trying?

Not convinced? Here are some of the most successful entrepreneurs who started global businesses in their twenties:

  1. Founders of Google:  Sergey Brin (25) & Larry Page (25)
  2. Founders of Apple:  Steve Jobs (21) & Steve Wozniak (26)
  3. Founders of Microsoft:  Bill Gates (20) & Paul Allen (22)
  4. Founder of Facebook:  Mark Zuckerberg (20)
  5. Founder of Wal-Mart:  Sam Walton (26)

Have you started a business in your twenties? Know some one who has? I would love to hear! Leave your comments below!

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