Tips On Surviving Your Post Uni Slump

No one ever warned me of the post uni slump. The time when all your classes are finished and yes you should be downing cocktails and laying on the beach like there is no tomorrow, but instead you are worried about your future. Well at least I was.

During the month that has followed the completion of my degree I can safely say that I have convinced myself to become a teacher, physiotherapist, nurse, fashion buyer and of course a blogger on a rotating schedule. Something which I like to call panic mode.

For the first time in four years (for me), you have the freedom and the flexibility to actually do all those things you have been dreaming about doing since finishing high school. I’m talking travel, securing your dream job, laying around in bed catching up on TV shows, having a family and anything else that tickles your fancy.

Suddenly you are faced with serious choice that can impact the pathway of your life in all the right (or my fear) wrong ways. What should you do? Where should you start? What should you have accomplished in ten years?

Well I don’t have the answer, but some tips I’ve picked up on the way are:

  • DON’T RUSH – and most importantly DON’T SETTLE just to get a “job”. Plenty of people will pressure you and if you have the time and flexibility to relax a bit, use it wisely to figure out exactly what you want from life (or at least the next year).
  • Write down what is important to you and work backwards on how to get there. This is called a plan of action – important to ensure you achieve what you want, when you want it.
  • Try different things. If you’re unsure about your career pathway, why not keep interning or gaining work experience? Broaden your knowledge and skill set by experiencing different kinds of work environments.
  • Travel! Nothing opens the mind and cures the soul more than travelling. Why not do work experience or get a job overseas?

How did you cope after you graduated? Would love to hear your stories!

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